Chris Hemsworth Buys Yacht After ‘Extraction’ Movie

Chris Hemsworth becomes the owner of a luxury super yacht called ‘The Felix’ by splashing out $100 million. Marvel’s iconic hero known as ‘Thor’ shocked the world as he spent such a huge amount for a super yacht and fans are dreaming to spend some time in it when they saw pictures of ‘The Felix’. This yacht is extremely gorgeous and is very luxurious. The purchase came as Chris’ latest Netflix movie ‘Extraction’ was released. The trailer of this movie was released some months ago and took all over the internet. And when the movie got released, it took over Hollywood.

‘Extraction’ is directed by Sam Hargrave with Chris Hemsworth being one of the three producers of the film. For the first time Chris has shared the screen with a Bollywood celebrity Randeep Hooda. The movie was made available on Netflix a couple of months ago and as soon it was made available it got a lot of clicks and views.

In 2007, the former research vessel had been converted into the Amadeus superyacht for French expensive and luxury goods billionaire Bernard Arnault. Following its sale to a mystery buyer for an unrevealed money, it was renamed ‘The Felix’ in January 2016. Another estimate placed it at a cost of $100 million at the time. Felix is a step apart from fishing tinny.  The $100 million ship is designed to accommodate 12 guests in six cabins and 18 staff, with amenities such as jacuzzi, gym, theater, three-deck elevator and golf driving range. It was listed as the 64th largest motor yacht in the world by the Power and MotorYacht website in 2008.

After plodding along the east coast with stays in Sydney and Hobart Chris is spending his time with his close friend and his wife in his new yacht. Chris is often seen with friends and this is just what happened after he bought ‘The Felix’. This close friend is Matt Damon. A few months earlier most of the public didn’t even notice that Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon were friends. Currently we just want the duo to turn up in the far-flung stretches of the globe on holiday together.

The duo (with their families, of course), since spending Easter together in Hemsworth ‘s native Australia, the leading men team is now enjoying another co-family get together in San Sebastian, Spain. While people certainly don’t have a friend like Hemsworth to fly off to San Sebastian with, let these two show the keys to the ultimate family holiday.

Hemsworth and Damon spent all day, along with their respective wives Elsa Pataky and Luciana Barroso, cruising the Bay of Biscay on a catamaran with kids, relatives and other friends in attendance. Although the general public, for only €11 per adult individual and €6 per kid, can take a ride on the yacht themselves, it seems as though the families have leased the boat out for their private use for the day. Although Hemsworth and Damon have never worked together in a proper project, their bond goes back to the fresh days of the Aussie star Hemsworth in Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth is currently spending more time in working, as he is to make a comeback in Marvel’s movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ which is set to release in 2022. In a recent interview, Chris mentioned that there is a lot of work to be done yet for his new upcoming Marvel’s movie as there are a couple of years left for this movie release. Chris would be sharing the screen again with Natalie Portman whose contract with Marvel was thought to have ended when ‘Thor: The Dark World’ was released. But she is here again performing in a Marvel action movie. Chris’ upcoming movie is a Marvel movie and it has a massive fan base, so fans are wondering what will the star buy with the release of that film.